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Location : Das Island

Leave : 90 days of work, followed by 30 days leave

Education : Preparatory Education


  • Receives instructions and work details from the Rigging Foreman/ADNOC LNG Rigging Supervisor and arranges for materials, tools and equipment as necessary.
  • Undertakes banksman/flagman activities of all lifts according to best rigging practice and techniques according to ADNOC LNG PTW system, HSE manuals & Standing Instructions.
  • Is in charge of the crane movements from the point of loading and unloading.
  • Directs Crane Operators when crane is traveling for lifts and to guide through any height restriction during transportation.
  • Loading/unloading of material from boom trucks, or directing the movement of any heavy equipment to other plant.
  • Rigs and operates pull lifts, chain blocks, rope blocks, pneumatic/electric winches, and re-rigs cranes and hoist as required, and performs routine greasing of wire cables associated with such equipment.
  • Performs rigging duties on dismantled process equipment, such as heat exchangers, condensers, large valves, pipework, etc. Includes removing and replacing tubular and other damaged parts as directed.
  • Control movement of heavy equipment through narrow openings or confined spaces. To maneuver over, under, and/or around obstacles using efficient techniques if required.
  • Involve in changing of crane part lines, hoist blocks, fly jib and pulling gear to move or support materials for heavy equipment. Clean and dress machine surfaces and component parts.
  • Attach pulleys and blocks to fixed overhead structures such as beams, ceilings, and gin pole booms, using bolts and clamps.
  • Performs first line inspection to ensure that damaged rigging equipment is not utilized in lifts but returned to Rigging Loft and scrapped.

Minimum Requirements

  • Completion of Preparatory education.
  • 5 years minimum experience in rigging work.
  • 3 years minimum experience in the petrochemical industry.
  • Simple working knowledge of English./li>
  • Basic knowledge of rigging & lifting.
  • Certification by an ADNOC/ADNOC LNG approved nominated third party certifying authorities as under:
    TUV Middle East TUV Rhineland Sonovation (TRS), C/o TUV Rhineland Middle east Germanischer Lloyd Rina Emea B.V. Abu Dhabi Vincottee International Ltd

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