Gas/Steam Turbine Specialist

Gas/Steam Turbine Specialist

Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Title : Gas/Steam Turbine Specialist

Division : Manpower

Basic Function:

Supervise and monitor the maintenance and operation of all ADNOC LNG Gas/Steam turbines and provide field support, hands-on, analysis, and troubleshooting.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Directs and supervises the activities of assigned personal in Gas/Steam Turbine, performs supervisory functions at the level established by management
  • To perform troubleshooting, field activities, and maintenance activities for the all gas turbines including all auxiliary systems, particularly frame 5/6 GE gas and steam turbines
  • Perform hands on repair, overhaul, combustion inspection activities, baroscopic inspection, online/offline washing, gas turbine alignment, and all auxiliary systems maintenance. Maintain the history maintenance records
  • Execute all maintenance routines in time. Participate in condition monitoring checks on gas turbines, notify any abnormality or malfunction. Monitors the operational performance of the gas turbines, running parameters and auxiliaries’ operations using the condition monitoring techniques. Coordinates and establish the relative CBM records and database
  • Perform gas/steam turbine overhaul and repair, identify spare parts from manufacturer drawing and spare parts list. Arrange all necessary resources for all type of maintenance
  • Perform assigned duties in accordance to the HSEM system. Perform tool box and task risk assessment meeting to establish scope of work, safety requirement, permit to work, special tools and material
  • Perform close monitoring data collection (i.e. process parameters and running parameters)
  • Analysis and reporting of machine and problem. Promptly attend plant upsets and perform troubleshooting for all type of Machinery and assist operations at all events.
  • Attend major shutdowns, solo runs and over speed trip tests
  • Support other divisions and contributes in the teamwork activates
  • Establish gas turbines tracking sheets relative to FFH (Factored Firing Flours) and plan the short term and long-term inspection plan for each gas turbine
  • Follow up all gas turbines spare parts stock balance. Follow up the inventory safety stock quantities, min/max quantities, land long lead items
  • Review maintenance procedures, job plans, standing instruction, operating manuals and to update ADNOC LNG manuals for safe maintenance and operation
  • Prepare and plan in details all inspection activities, planned maintenance, major overhauls, and maintenance jobs during planned shutdowns and forced shutdowns Define and follow up all required resources to perform the maintenance activities
  • Perform all re-commissioning field procedures and statuary safety checks following overhauls and repairs
  • Participate on the job training programs and instruction of craftsmen and company trainees on the operation and maintenance of all gas turbines and its auxiliary systems
  • Ensure that work reports for all normal, breakdown, and overhaul maintenance are processed and documented. Issue file notes to document any event or incidents

Education and Experience Required:

  • Technical Diploma in Mechanical
  • 10 Years minimum working experience on Gas Turbine, particularly frame 5 GE gas turbine and steam Turbine
  • Good knowledge of English language
  • Mechanical Maintenance & Gas Turbine Trouble shooting techniques knowledge
  • Compliance with Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality
  • Ability to read, write and excellent communication in English is mandatory

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