NDT Technician

NDT Technician

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Location : ADNOC Sour Gas

Core Beliefs

  • Care passionately about Abu Dhabi – Euro Mechanical is aligned to the Vision of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi has a core commitment to build a sustainable and diversified, high value-added economy) and we wish to encourage this commitment throughout the company.
  • Understand, identify with and promote Euro Mechanical brand beliefs – Proficient, Reliable, Collaborative and Integrity.
  • Commitment to Euro Mechanical Codes of Ethics and Business Conduct and promoting the same to all employees.


DAE (Diploma of associate engineering) in mechanical or equivalent, ASNT Level II certification in RT/MT/PT/UT is mandatory; and certification in RFET, LRUT,TOFD is preferred. Minimum of 8 years’ experience in Oil & Gas Field.


  • Perform non-destructive testing including Ultrasonic, Dye penetrant, Magnetic particle, prepare NDT reports to assess the condition of equipment and piping for on-stream and shutdown inspections as well as during the commissioning of new facilities, ensuring adherence to COMPANY procedures.
  • Carry out specialized inspection through thermography, alloy analyser, eddy current testing, B-Scan, Survey etc. as per operating procedure.
  • Assist Inspection Engineer during visual inspection of equipment in the process and utility units.
  • Assist in inspection of incoming material to warehouse to ensure compliance to technical specifications.
  • Collect samples of deposit / scale /corrosion products during on-stream and off-stream shutdown to aid in the investigation of corrosion and related issues.
  • Carry out quality control of painting/wrapping and coating works in the plant like paint OFT wet film thickness, surface cleanliness and profile, holiday testing etc. to ensure adherence to COMPANY standards.
  • Carry out temperature survey for heaters, furnaces, stacks and high/low temperature service piping and equipment as per requirement.
  • Carry out under Jagging corrosion survey as per RBI Task Planning and monitor cathodic protection performance for underground piping and storage tanks in the plant.
  • Prepare and compile isometric drawing to carry out UT and other surveys of plant piping.
  • Ensure proper maintenance and updating of NDT and other quality control records in the respective equipment / piping folders to fulfil information requirements.
  • Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies and procedures.

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