Operator Field (Power)

Operator Field (Power)

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Job Title : Operator Field (Power)

Job Location  : ADNOC LNG

Work / Leave Cycle  : 28 days work / 14 days leave

Division  :  Manpower Services

Basic Function

Education & Experience
Minimum Qualification

  • Technical Diploma in relevant field or Secondary School Certificate with a vocational trade certificate in the relevant field or ATI graduate

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

  • Four (4) to six (6) years of experience, in the Oil & Gas Industry as Plant Shift Operator.
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Good Analytical ability.
  • Good Coordination Skills.

Core Beliefs

  • Care passionately about Abu Dhabi – Euro Mechanical is aligned to the Vision of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi has a core commitment to build a sustainable and diversified, high value-added economy)
    and we wish to encourage this commitment throughout the company.
  • Understand, identify with and promote Euro Mechanical brand beliefs – Proficient, Reliable, Collaborative and Integrity.
  • Commitment to Euro Mechanical Codes of Ethics and Business Conduct and promoting the same to all employees


Operate and Coordinate the LNG Plant equipment on shift under the supervision of the Shift Supervisor Field, and as directed by the Supervisor Control room. This include starting-up, shutting down safely and competently, monitoring, logging and recording readings, identifying and reporting defects on all Plant in the defined area., Power generation and Distribution, Gas & Steam Turbines & Power Generators with a vast Power Distribution System

  • Check, operate and observes all activities/situations on plant equipment, within the defined area of duty, under the supervision of the Shift Supervisor, field
  • Monitor by observation/routine patrol all activities on plant including the safe behavior of colleagues, other department personnel and contractors.
  • Log and record all running Plant parameters. Reports back giving detailed information of any abnormalities and defects and performs 1st line diagnostics on equipment
  • Monitor and supervise all essential Plant equipment in his area during the shift. Maintain a clear detailed logbook of all activities, Plant conditions and defects, etc. and gives precise hand over information to his job relief
  • Carry out operational preparations on equipment prior to release for maintenance using established detailed procedures in the area for maintenance and major overhauls. Liaise with maintenance staff for safe monitoring of permits to work, prior to commencing / completion and during ongoing work
  • Carry out routine checks of Plant lubricating oil levels / water contamination, flows and temperatures for all rotating equipment and takes samples for laboratory analysis
  • Assist Train Shift supervisor for safe start up, shutdown and emergency shut down of the power generators, identifies source of problem and initiates corrective actions during periods of unstable operation
  • Maintain adequate supplies of consumable chemicals and filter elements, etc. for Plant requirements, good housekeeping practices in the area and observes acceptable levels of risk perception
  • Ensures all equipment are in safe condition during Train trip and subsequently progresses re-steaming as directed
  • Supervises and authorizes work on his assigned area by ensuring proper implementation of permit to work instructions
  • Participates in the testing of plant equipment. This includes bypassing trip circuits when individual systems are tested, minimizing time of trip negation to ensure Plant safety is not jeopardize.
  • Ensure the application of permit to work conditions by observing and monitoring safe working practices
  • Maintain a high standard of HSE awareness, particularly the environmental concerns and adheres fully to safely rules, and participates in safety training / exercises
  • Demonstrate appropriate levels of knowledge and responsibility regarding Technical and Operational Integrity processes of AIRMS.
  • Ensure that all works carried out in accordance with company standards, codes of practices and safety requirements.
  • Aware about ADNOC HSE policies and act accordingly
  • Implement and comply with all relevant functional policies, processes, systems, Quality standards, procedures, to accomplish operational objectives.
  • Contribute to the identification of areas and opportunities for continuous improvement in the operating procedures, modification of functional processes, machinery or equipment.
  • Maintain the work environment clean and tidy before, during and after executing the job, in line with established standards of Hygiene and Housekeeping.
  • Good understanding of Quality Standard codes compliance and capable of resolving safety issues.


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