Planning Engineer

Planning Engineer

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Job Title : Planning Engineer
General Description
Planning engineer is responsible for planning and coordinating the materials, plant, equipment and labor for construction projects. He has to estimate a timescale for a project and to ensure that the outlined deadlines are met. He works closely with project managers and other engineers to ensure a project runs on schedule and that material supplies are sufficient.

Core Company Principles

  • Care passionately about Abu Dhabi – Euro Mechanical is aligned to the Vision of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi has a core commitment to build a sustainable and diversified, high value-added economy) and we wish to encourage this commitment throughout the company.
  • Understand, identify with and promote Euro Mechanical brand beliefs – Proficient, Reliable, Collaborative and with Integrity.
  • Believes in and follows Euro Mechanical’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

The prime areas of responsibility or work scope for the above-mentioned person is agreed as follows:

  • Preparation of project Schedule using Primavera, MS Project etc. covering entire scope, including resources and costs if required
  • Suggest appropriate tools for scheduling and reporting
  • Understand and comply with tender or contract requirements
  • Set up the WBS, Set the baseline, Create S-curves, Manpower Histogram etc.
  • Administer schedule and baseline changes through logs and registers
  • Prepare various strategies for all planning activities for projects.
  • Provide support to all operations and extension requests.
  • Prepare required presentation for all regulatory agencies.
  • Develop required to enhance performance of planning projects.
  • Manage all communication and provide efficient feedback for all processes.
  • Ensure optimal utilization of all common tools and processes.
  • Recommend appropriate improvements and ensure optimal quality of all project schedules and evaluate reports.
  • Perform regular analysis of all schedule trends.
  • Manage all customer site and maintain product suite for all applications.
  • Takes a lead in preparing schedule data for proposals or contract negotiations as requested and checks and confirms that the correct scope of work is reflected on assigned schedules.
  • Prepare and assesses the work sequences with the total project plan.
  • Develops quantity release and/or installation curves for assigned disciplines/areas or specialties.
  • Prepare invoice verification for payment based on cost-loaded schedules, as required.
    Identifies critical path for discipline or specialty work activities.
  • Develops and writes the schedule commentary that appears in the monthly progress and similar reports. Identifies and reports activities that have a critical or potential impact on the schedule and prepares and presents the Critical Items Action Report.
  • Performs other responsibilities as may be appropriate under the direction of his Superior.

Desired Qualifications

  • The candidate Planning Engineer should be minimum of Diploma/Bachelor Engineer with 5+ years of Oil & gas experience in a good company.
  • His experience should relate in mechanical/Civil and E&I in good oil & gas companies.
  • Good Knowledge in Primavera, MS Project and other scheduling packages.
  • Should have a high level of written and oral communication skills.
  • Able to go site visit as required.

Required Competencies
Planning. Strong time management / Prioritization skills, Collaborates, Self-Development, Builds networks, Strategic mindset, Communicates effectively, Business Insight.

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