Propane Storage & Offloading System Upgrade 2014 Zakum ZADCO
Manufacturing of two Cooling Water Intake Manhole Covers 2013 Ruwais GASCO
Fabrication of Structural Components for CI Skid on 5 WHT 2011 Das Island ADMA OPCO
Fabrication of Bundle Support 2010 USSC HHI/ADMA OPCO
Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Cross Over Bridge 2010 USSC HHI/ADMA OPCO
Replacement of HVAC & Structural Works on the roof top of LCR at USSC Platform 2010 USSC Universal Voltas/ADMA
Grating Panel Replacement 2010 Das Island ADGAS
Tank Base Heater System Maintenance 2006 Ruwais GASCO
Install New Roof Seals and Overhaul of 3 No. Large Pentane Tanks 2006 Ruwais GASCO
Repair of Carbonate Tank (replacement of shell plates, dome type plates and associated appurtenances) 2005 Das Island ADGAS
Design, Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steel Structure for Generators 2005 Das Island Cegelec/ADGAS
Replacement of Tank Bases 2004 Das Island ADGAS
Pipe Support Refurbishment 2004 Das Island ADGAS
Repair / Replace Structural Members 2003 Das Island ADGAS
Modifications to Pentane Tank 2003 Ruwais GASCO
Repair/Replace MCR Propane & FG Compressors 2003 Das Island ADGAS
Installation of Wind Girder 2003 Ruwais Cape East/GASCO
Pump Base Removal & Replacement 2002 Das Island ADGAS
LNG Tank Lift Refurbishment 2002 Das Island ADGAS.
Installation of Wind Girder Fire Main & Fire Detection 2002 Ruwais Cape East/GASCO
LNG Tank Lift Refurbishment 2000 Das Island ADGAS.
Installation of 8″ Wind Girder
Pentane Tank 6D-152B
1999 Ruwais GASCO.
LNG Tank Lift Refurbishment 1999 Das Island ADGAS.
LNG Tank Lift Refurbishment 1998 Das Island ADGAS.


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