Current Contracts

Installation of 1 Gas Turbine
Frame 9FE
Wasit GE Energy Products-Europe
Electrical Erection Wasit Clemessy
Hire of Mobile Cranes Das Island ADMA-OPCO
Electrical & Other Tradesmen
Ruwais Abu
Dhabi Polymers Co. Ltd. (Borouge)
Mechanical, Electrical & otherTradesmen Ruwais Alliance Bechtel LindeBorouge
Ethylene Project
Electricians Ruwais U.T.S. Kent
Safety Officer Ruwais S.K. Engineering
Safety Officer Ruwais Technip
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Buhasa GASCO
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Bab GASCO
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Asab GASCO
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Ruwais GASCO
Supply of Tradesmen Das Island ADGAS
Mechanical Maintenance team Das Island ADGAS
Electrical Maintenance team Das Island ADGAS
Instrumentation MaintenanceTeam Das Island ADGAS
Technical Clerks Das Island ADGAS
Supply Admin. Assistants Abu Dhabi GASCO
Supply Computer Personnel Das Island ADGAS
Supply Draughtsmen Ruwais GASCO
Offshore Technicians Abu Dhabi Total ABK
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Asab ADCO
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Bab ADCO
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Bu Hasa ADCO
Mech/Elect/Inst. Maintenance Ruwais ADCO
Marine Labour Supply Abu Dhabi ADPPOC
Mechanical Technicians Abu Dhabi ABB
Mechanical, Electrical &Instrument Offshore ZADCO
Hire of Cranes Das Island ADGAS
Material Handling Services Das Island ADGAS
Safety Assistants Das Island ADGAS
Supervisors & Engineers Das Island ADGAS
Safety Officer Mussafah Deutsche Babcock
Mechanical & Electrical Tradesmen Sharjah GE Energy Products-Europe
Riggers Ruwais Descon


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