Construction & Maintenance

Euro Mechanical in 1976 was purely a Mechanical & Electrical Construction Company. This division therefore represents the original core business of the company and continues today to form a vital part of our business. Recent contracts include complete erection and installation of Frame 9 and Frame 6 Gas Turbines for General Electric; fabrication of stainless and low temperature carbon steel and GRP/GRE pipe work, erection of access lifts two LNG tanks etc. The division, thus specialises in the on-site fabrication and erection of Mechanical equipment and related E&I works.

The company has a record of high quality construction for the oil, gas and power generation industries. It maintains its own dedicated long term labour force and owns most of its equipment such as cranes, welding sets and trailers.


  • Euro Mechanical & Electrical Contracting Company LLC
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  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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