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Based in Abu Dhabi, Euro Mechanical provides professional multi-disciplined Manpower Services throughout the United Arab Emirates. Our quality Manpower is highly regarded throughout the U.A.E. For its technical ability and dedication. As a construction company providing a Manpower Supply Service Euro Mechanical is well placed to recruit and supply personnel that they would want to use them. Indeed the synergy of Euro Mechanical’s divisions means that all personnel may be called on to work for Euro Mechanical’s own operations as well as on Manpower Supply assignments and the strengths of all employees are well known to us. All Manpower Supply teams are selected specifically to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Performance Management:

In whatever field our personnel are supplied the performance of our supplied personnel is an essential element to maintaining our reputation and that of our men. Euro Mechanical undertakes regular assessments in conjunction with our clients to review technical performance and ability and monitor employee diligence. All assessments are recorded and maintained to provide an ongoing picture of employee effectiveness and to highlight any deficiencies in individual performance or the collective ability of teams to support our clients’ needs.


Euro Mechanical demands the highest standards of safety awareness for its personnel. Safety knowledge and experience are a key element of our recruitment and selection policy. Senior Management support a safety induction program for all new Euro Mechanical employees, working in whatever field, to emphasize the importance of safety awareness, compliance with safety procedures and individual safety empowerment. Ongoing Safety Awards, bulletins, circulars and meetings underpin our standards.

Awareness of our client’s safety needs in terms of basic third party training is of course essential. However, every effort is made to be aware of and emphasize individual site safety concerns, procedures and systems and this is included in safety induction meetings and emphasized at the start of each new assignment.

Euro Mechanical manpower serves the United Arab Emirates in the following key areas:

Operation and Maintenance for ADNOC Group Companies and the Power Sector

Euro Mechanical has the Manpower License issued from the Ministry of Labour and holds the ADNOC Provision of Manpower Services Contract.

Euro Mechanical actively supports all ADNOC group companies in respect of the supply of long term operations and maintenance personnel. Euro Mechanical currently supplies, personnel to ADMA-OPCO, ADCO, ADGAS, Al Hosn, Elexier, GASCO, Irshad, Total, Zadco, etc.

Shutdown Personnel for ADNOC Group Companies

Euro Mechanical supplies short duration shutdown personnel as required to all ADNOC group companies. Extensive teams are regularly supplied to ADGAS, GASCO & Total. These personnel are typically mobilized for the pre-shutdown and shutdown period only and then demobilized to their home base thereafter. Euro Mechanical’s Manpower Performance Management System (as detailed above) ensures constant feedback on the quality and diligence of its supplied personnel. This performance management ensures that in subsequent shutdown requirements highly regarded personnel are individually selected for our clients and weaker or unsuitable personnel are weeded out and not resupplied. As a result shut down teams are in a constant developing process and essentially improving over time in terms of continuity of personnel, known quality and commitment.

Construction Teams for International Construction Companies

Euro Mechanical supplies contracting teams for international contractors working within the U.A.E. Oil and Gas and Power Industries.

Euro Mechanical holds the manpower license issued from the Ministry of Labour and is approved to supply manpower by ADNOC group companies.

Euro Mechanical has supplied personnel to most international contractors who have worked in the U.A.E. Including Ansaldo, Alstom, Bechtel, Dresser Rand, General Electric, Kvaerner, Kellogg, Tekfen, etc.

Typically Euro Mechanical is not called upon to supply thousands of labour category personnel, but has been used for smaller numbers (up to several hundred) of technical personnel such as Mechanical Rotating Equipment (millwrights & fitters) teams; fabrication and erection teams (foremen, welders, fabricators, pipefitters, riggers); electrical teams (termination and wiring electricians, instrument fitters and tubers).

We are always ready to provide you with a quotation for your manpower requirements.


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