Euro Mechanical to represent Innowell Solutions AS

Euro Mechanical is pleased to announce representation of Innowell Solutions AS in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Their universally applicable Density Activated Recovery (DAR) inflow control technology delivers improved well productivity and reduces greenhouse gases associated with water treatment and disposal.

About Innowell

Innowell Solutions is a company that since 2012 have been developing and qualifying an innovative and game-changing inflow control technology called Density Activated Recovery (DAR). It is based on the ERV© invention, which is using density and the physical law of gravity as the basis for the unique inflow control capabilities.

Although a small team of four Innowell, with Totte, Rune, Sam and Grant, have more than 100 years of combined and multi-skilled industry experience, where both operator and vendor perspectives on technology development and application are represented.

Inflow control systems are recognized for improving well productivity if specific conditions are in place. By addressing the limitations of todays’ technologies, DAR, however, enables a universal application of inflow control.

Initially DAR was designed to enhance oil production and recovery. But, by controlling water by nature, the DAR technology is now also being recognized for its significant potential to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the GHG associated with water treatment and disposal.

The DAR Universal Inflow Control System (UICS) provides significantly larger flow capacity than existing technologies, conserves reservoir lift pressure, improves the reservoir sweep efficiency and accelerates oil production. These and several other capabilities of the DAR surpass the capabilities of any previous generation of inflow control technology.

Reacting only to density contrast between well fluids its functionality is unaffected by permeability distributions in the reservoir. Changes in local productivity and pressures along the well, or throughout the life of the well, will not affects its inflow control performance. This dynamic inflow control capability addresses issues around geology uncertainties and reservoir heterogeneity, assuring an instantaneous reaction to changing inflow conditions in the well. In other words, Operators will no longer have to sacrifice oil production to delay water or gas breakthrough, nor tailor inflow control to assumed or changing reservoir conditions.

Enabling sustainable field development in a low carbon future is the way to the future, and the DAR technology will help delivering this.

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