Our Partners

Our Partners

Over the years we have been successful in building a reputed clientele. Our team is dedicated toward maintaining a proactive approach, that not only helps our clients, but also accelerates the growth of Euro Mechanical. We are committed in ensuring that the standards of our business continue to nurture in an effective manner.

Inspection Technologies – BHGE

Krautkramer Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Eddy Current Instruments, Video Boroscope Systems, Pan-Tilt and Zoom Cameras. AGFA Industrial Radiographic Films, Automatic Film Processors and Radiography Systems. Film Digitisers, Computed Radiography systems (CR) and Digital Detector Arrays (DR).

Zwick Roell GmbH & Co

Universal Testing Machines (UTM) and Material Testing Machines.
Toni Technik – Building Material Testing Machines
Indentec – Hardness Testing Machines and Hardness Reference Blocks
GTM – Master load Cells and Force / Torque Standardizing machines

Kunz GmbH

Aircraft Recovery Equipment, Wheel and Brake Shop Machines.


Precision Coating Thickness Gauges (DFT), Clad Thickness Gauges, Wall Thickness Gauges (PET Bottles) and Holiday Detectors.

Baugh & Weedon

Tank Floor Scanners (MFL), Bond Testing Instruments, DP and MPI Test Benches, Dual UV and White Light meters and Lamps.


Scientific Image Analysis for Quantitative Microscopy for Metallurgical, Pharmaceutical and Life Science Applications.

NewSonic GmbH

State of the art Portable UCI Hardness Testers and Hardness Reference Blocks.

Echo Ultrasonics

Special Application Ultrasonic Couplants.


Robotic Crawler systems and Pan & Tilt Push camera systems for pipeline inspection and manifold application areas.

Golden Engineering

Battery powered portable X-ray generators used for security and industrial applications.

Kowotest GmbH

X-Ray Film viewers and Radiography Accessories.


Acquiring and analyzing 3D data over large areas of corrosion – 3D Pit Gage for accurate measurement of three dimensional surfaces and objects.


Ultrasonic (UT) Wall Crawlers.

Amplector Engineering

NDT Software for easy management, evaluation, visualization and documentation of inspection results and instrument setting of portable Ultrasonic testing (UT) instruments.


Multifunction Portable Calibrator and Intrinsic Safe Multifunction Calibrator for HART, FIELDBUS, PROFIBUS Calibration Work Station (Instrument Test Bench), Electrical Test Bench, Temperature Dry Block, Calibration Software.

CPI – Compressor Products International

Specialised products used in reciprocationg compressors and valves, Packing & Wiper Rings, packing cases, Piston and Rider rings, Pistons and Rods, Compressor valves and sealing materials.

Delta Controls Limited

Pressure, Differential and Temperature switches, Transmitters, Pressure and DP Gauges.


Pressure, Temperature, Level and Flow Products such as Pressure and DP Gauges, Flow Switches, Manometers, Level Switches & Transmitters, Temperature Controllers, Thermometers, Recorders, Humidity Sensors.

Emerson Mobrey

Mobrey Ultrasonic, hysdrostatic displacer & submersible level transmitters, magnetic and float type level switches.

Eurotherm / Schneider Electric

Paperless and Chart Recorders, Control and Data Acquisition Systems, Single Loop and Multi Loop PID Controllers, Temp and Thyristor Power Controllers, AC & DC Drivers, Solid State Relays, Signal Converters
and Isolators.

Fuji Electric

Pressure, DP, Flow and Level Transmitters, Analyzers and Ultrasonic
Flow Meters.

Honeywell Enraf

Servo / Radar level Instruments and Tank Inventory Managements Systems, Loading Computers and Provers.

IRD Balancing

IRD Balancing Machines offers products and services designed to meet all Balancing needs & can accommodate a range of rotor weights from
a fraction of a kilogram to over 3000000 kilograms, Vibration Analyzer & Balancing Kit.

Metso Valves

High Technology ball and butterfly valves. Metal and resilient seated.
Q-ball design for low noise and critical applications and rotary globe control valves.

KOSO Kent Introl Ltd.

Globe control valves and Rotary Control valves. Vector technology
for sever service, Butterfly and Parallel Slide Gate valves. Surface and Sub-Sea Chokes. Actuators: Pneumatic-diaphragm, Piston, Hydraulic-piston, stepping / modulating.


Flame Arresters, Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves, related tank safety equipment & oil Skimmers.

Ringo Valvulas

API 6D/6A Ball Valves, Gate, Globe and Check Valves upto ANSI 4500lbs / API15000.


British Rototherm Thermocouple Instruments UK: Pressure and DP Gauges, Bimettalic Dial Thermometers, Thermowell, Restriction Orifice Plates, Temp Transmitters,Thermocouples, RTD’s, Temp, Humidity and Pressure Recorders.

Simco (Engineers) Ltd

Level Gauges (Transparent Liquid, Reflex Liquid, Magnetic, Weld pad, Tubular Liquid), Isolation Valves.


Tachyus provides software solutions that enable near real-time reservoir optimization using proprietary Data Physics technology. Data Physics models are super quick, data-driven models that solve traditional reservoir physics equations using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Glacier Energy Services

Glacier Machining Solutions have been manufacturing portable clamshell Pipe Cutting & Bevelling machines. Glacier Machining solutions offers services such as Pipeline Services (Pipe cutting & bevelling, internal/external transitioning, buckle arrestor machining, pipe coating removal, field joint preparation etc), Flange facing Services, Exchanger Machining, Other Machining services (Milling, drilling
and boring operations, including line boring, Beskope applications), Equipment Rental (Pipe cutting machines upto 48inch dia, Clyde
cutting and bevelling machines).

Atlas Copco

Bolt Tightening equipment, Hydraulic tensioners including subsea equipment, torque wrenches, nut splitters, flange seperators, flange facing, bolt stress monitoring etc. A comprehensive range of equipment for sale or hire worldwide.


Globe control valves and Rotary Control valves. Vector technology for sever service, Butterfly and Parallel Slide Gate valves. Surface and Sub-Sea Chokes. Actuators: Pneumatic-diaphragm, Piston, Hydraulic-piston, stepping / modulating.

EA Technology

EA Technology is a specialist in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets. Portfolio includes equipment for diagnosing and locating faults in switch gear, transformers, cables and overhead lines.

Ti Thermal Imaging Ltd

Ti Thermal Imaging Ltd. offers thermography inspections for multiple industry applications, thermal imaging training, consultancy and camera sales.


Safety assured maintenance aperture has been designed to integrate the most important safety and functionality features required for condition monitoring and maintaining live electrical equipment and switch gear.