Our Partners

Our Partners

Over the years we have been successful in building a reputed clientele. Our team is dedicated toward maintaining a proactive approach that not only helps our clients, but also accelerates the growth of Euro Mechanical. We are committed in ensuring that the standards of our business continue to nurture in an effective manner.

Ace Oil Tools

“Ace Oil Tools is an oil and gas technology company that has redesigned the traditional stop collar to bring unrivalled holding force to operators looking to centralise the pipe and protect equipment downhole. The company has a growing clamp-on portfolio, and operates across a range of markets, including drilling and completions.”
Euro mechanical & electrical contracting company llc | Euro Mechanical UAE

Atlas Copco

Bolt Tightening equipment, Hydraulic tensioners including subsea equipment, torque wrenches, nut splitters, flange separators, flange facing, bolt stress monitoring etc. A comprehensive range of equipment for sale or hire worldwide.
Euro mechanical & electrical contractors |UAE Completion & Commissioning services


Multifunction Portable Calibrator and Intrinsic Safe Multifunction Calibrator for HART, FIELDBUS, PROFIBUS Calibration Work Station (Instrument Test Bench), Electrical Test Bench, Temperature Dry Block, Calibration Software.


“Providers of unique data-driven dedicated upstream benchmarking software, bMark™. bMark™ provides data for >48,000 global fields coupled with advanced analytics in an integrated interface suitable for engineers, geoscientists & upstream decision makers. Providers of Oil & Gas consultancy services”


“Cegal is a innovative provider of IT and Geoscience solutions and services to the oil and gas industry. Cegal delivers centralized IT operations, cloud-based Petrotechnical environments, Geoscience software products and solutions for the oil and gas and renewables energy industries.”
Euro mechanical & electrical contractors |UAE Completion & Commissioning services

CPI – Compressor Products International

Specialized products used in reciprocating compressors and valves, Packing & Wiper Rings, packing cases, Piston and Rider rings, Pistons and Rods, Compressor valves and sealing materials.

Design. Access. Safety. Sustainability

DASS Solutions is a company that is passionate about accessibility. DASS Solutions supports, enables, and champions people of determination in any way that it can. DASS Solutions is the only turnkey accessibility expert in the Middle East, supporting public and private sector organizations from the moment accessibility is placed on the agenda and guiding their efforts throughout their journey to an inclusive workplace and society.

Delta Mobrey

Pressure, Differential and Temperature switches, Transmitters, Pressure and DP Gauges, Ultrasonic,hydrostatic displacer & submersible level transmitters,magnetic and float type level switches.
Euro mechanical & electrical contractors |UAE Completion & Commissioning services


Pressure, Temperature, Level and Flow Products such as Pressure and DP Gauges, Flow Switches, Manometers, Level Switches & Transmitters, Temperature Controllers, Thermometers, Recorders, Humidity Sensors.
Euro mechanical & electrical contracting company llc | Euro Mechanical UAE

EA Technology

EA Technology is a specialist in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets. Portfolio includes equipment for diagnosing and locating faults in switch gear, transformers, cables and overhead lines.


Eigen is a digital problem solver for oil & gas operations. With deep engineering knowledge and approach, Eigen specializes in conceptualizing and delivering digital solutions that create value. Our software solutions and services use the latest cloud native technologies to increase efficiency, manage risk and digitalise operations.
Euro mechanical manpower supply | Oilfield Equipment Supply


Precision Coating Thickness Gauges (DFT), Clad Thickness Gauges, Wall Thickness Gauges (PET Bottles) and Holiday Detectors.


Eliis SAS is an upstream software technology and services company headquartered France, which formed in 2007 from a consortium led by many of the worlds’ major IOCs. Eliis has gone on to pioneer the full volume Seismic Interpretation approach by developing the concept of computing a data driven Relative Geological Time model, directly from the seismic data. Its advanced workflows and use of a global method, allows PaleoScan™ to generate a grid of horizon patches to automatically interpret seismic, from which a horizon stack and Geological Time Model can be directly derived. This innovative approach has transformed the way in which Exploration and Development teams can optimize the value from Seismic. Coupled with advances in high performance computing and use of machine learning for key workflows, PaleoScan™ is being widely adopted by companies as a standard tool to enhance conventional interpretation and modeling workflows, reducing project turnaround, subsurface uncertainty and thereby mitigating risk.
Euro mechanical & electrical contracting company llc | Euro Mechanical UAE

Eurotherm / Schneider Electric

Paperless and Chart Recorders, Control and Data Acquisition Systems, Single Loop and Multi Loop PID Controllers, Temp and Thyristor Power Controllers, AC & DC Drivers, Solid State Relays, Signal Converters
and Isolators.


“Geo2Flow is a powerful, patented oil and gas software for faster and more accurate saturation, compartment, and permeability modeling. Answer the three crucial questions of reserves estimation: How much? How fast? How connected? Geo2Flow is a truly interdisciplinary software that fosters cooperation within asset teams of geologists, petrophysicists, engineers, and geophysicists.”


“GeomodL International is a subsurface consultancy group based in Ras Al Khaimah. Offerings range from petroleum geology field seminar to reservoir modelling studies focussing on the Middle East carbonate resevoirs and geomodelling training.”
Euro mechanical & electrical contracting company llc | Euro Mechanical UAE

Glacier Energy Services

Glacier Machining Solutions have been manufacturing portable clamshell Pipe Cutting & Beveling machines. Glacier Machining solutions offers services such as Pipeline Services (Pipe cutting & beveling, internal/external transitioning, buckle arrestor machining, pipe coating removal, field joint preparation etc), Flange facing Services, Exchanger Machining, Other Machining services (Milling, drilling
and boring operations, including line boring, Bespoke applications), Equipment Rental (Pipe cutting machines upto 48inch dia, Clyde
cutting and beveling machines).
Euro mechanical instrument services | SPECIALIST ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS

Honeywell Enraf

Servo / Radar level Instruments and Tank Inventory Managements Systems, Loading Computers and Provers.

HydraWell Intervention

“HydraWell are the inventors and market leaders of Perf, Wash and Cement (PWC) services, a highly cost effective alternative to conventional methods of restoring annular isolation and applicable in well abandonment, side-tracking, casing installation repair and zonal isolation.”

DAR Technology by Innowell

Density Activated Recovery (DAR) technology is developed by Innowell Solutions and represents the next generation inflow control technology with truly unique and game-changing capabilities that aspire to make future field developments more sustainable in a low-carbon environment
Euro mechanical instrument services | SPECIALIST ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS

IRD Balancing

IRD Balancing Machines offers products and services designed to meet all Balancing needs & can accommodate a range of rotor weights from
a fraction of a kilogram to over 3000000 kilograms, Vibration Analyzer & Balancing Kit.


“KCI is a global provider of fully engineered leak sealing solutions to re-establish well integrity on both surface and subsea focusing on Wellhead Seals, Christmas Tree Gate Valves, Downhole Packers/Casing Shoes and Well Abandonment Operations.”

Koso India

Globe control valves and Rotary Control valves. Vector technology for sever service, Butterfly and Parallel Slide Gate valves. De-superheaters, Surface and Sub-Sea Chokes. Actuators: Pneumatic-diaphragm, Piston, Hydraulic-piston, stepping / modulating

Nihon Koso

Globe control valves and Rotary Control valves. Vector technology for sever service, Butterfly and Parallel Slide Gate valves. Surface and Sub-Sea Chokes. Actuators: Pneumatic-diaphragm, Piston, Hydraulic-piston, stepping / modulating.
Euro mechanical instrument services | SPECIALIST ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS

KOSO Kent Introl Ltd.

Globe control valves and Rotary Control valves. Vector technology
for sever service, Butterfly and Parallel Slide Gate valves. Surface and Sub-Sea Chokes. Actuators: Pneumatic-diaphragm, Piston, Hydraulic-piston, stepping / modulating.


Neles and Jamesbury branded control, On-Off & ESD valves, Valve controllers, Actuators and Limit switches.Solutions from critical to standard applications including Globe control and API6D valves.


“Advanced Seismic Processing Core to PetroTrace’s services are CRAM PreSDM and Diffraction Imaging (DI). Both allow to generate improved and higher-in-resolution seismic images, in areas characterized by complex geology (challenging overburden, velocity inversions, steep dips, etc.) and/or data.”


Flame Arresters, Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves, related tank safety equipment & oil Skimmers.

Reactive Downhole Tools

“RDT supplies high performance swellable packers, and by building on our past success and continually and strategically investing in our facilities and infrastructure, we’ve evolved to offer bespoke open, or cased hole completion systems.”
Euro mechanical instrument services | SPECIALIST ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS

Ringo Valvulas

API 6D/6A Ball Valves, Gate, Globe and Check Valves upto ANSI 4500lbs / API15000.

Rogii Inc.

“ROGII Company is a provider of high-tech software solutions and professional services for Oil & Gas Industry in the area of real-time drilling operations, automated rig data gathering, online drilling monitoring/optimization and precise horizontal well placement”
Euro mechanical instrument services | SPECIALIST ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS


British Rototherm Thermocouple Instruments UK: Pressure and DP Gauges, Bimetallic Dial Thermometers, Thermo well, Restriction Orifice Plates, Temp Transmitters, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Temp, Humidity and Pressure Recorders.


Safehouse’s engineered protection offering includes a range of pressurized ‘habitats’ which control environments to achieve safe working conditions. For example, our habitats enable hot work to be undertaken on an oil or gas facility whilst it is operational and with the associated risk of flammable hydrocarbon gases in circulation – thus maintaining production and minimising the cost implications associated with shutdowns.

Scanwell Oil & Gas services LLC

ScanWell provides equipment and services for reservoir, wellhead and process monitoring. Our range of services covers Acoustic Logging, Wireless Data Acquisition and Sampling/Analysis. We have a highly educated staff with extensive experience from multiple operations in the North Sea.
The main services Scanwell provides are, measure gas volumes contained in tubing or annuli, Monitor reservoir flowing/shut-in pressure, Monitor gas field depletion, maintain fluid control while setting or pulling completion, verify if SCSSV is partly/fully opened or closed, Surface Data Acquisition for well intervention and workover

Sciencesoft Ltd

Sciencesoft develops innovative and universal reservoir engineering simulation software that significantly enhances productivity and effectiveness. Sciencesoft’s user-friendly, powerful and cost-effective solutions enable engineers to create and share workflows quickly and easily, and make decisions fast. Our world-leading 3D visualisation technology is used in solutions for pre and post-processing, sector modelling, history matching and optimisation. Our new CEOR simulation solution provides a complete workflow, from lab data measurements to simulation results analysis, with the CEOR simulator Meteor at its centre.


Silixa’s core technology comprises distributed optical fibre temperature sensors (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensors (DAS). The data collected by the DTS and DAS interrogators feeds into proprietary and third-party analysis software to provide unique solutions in applications as diverse as flow profiling; seismic imaging; leak detection and pipeline intruder detection.The Carina® Sensing System, Silixa’s engineered fibre optic sensing system, combines the extensive, high density coverage of distributed sensors with sensitivity beyond that of point sensors.


Silverwell is a provider of innovative gas lift solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. We are committed to delivering increased productivity, operational efficiency and provide reservoir insights to meet the challenging times the industry faces today and in the future. Our sought-after gas lift technologies offer a step change in production optimization that is unachievable with any other technology in use today. Our aim is to work with the industry and our customers to pioneer new technology and challenge current practices. Silverwell is raising industry standards by revolutionizing gas lift technology and engineering the smart field of the future.
Euro mechanical & electrical contracting company llc | Euro Mechanical UAE

Simco (Engineers) Ltd

Level Gauges (Transparent Liquid, Reflex Liquid, Magnetic, Weld pad, Tubular Liquid), Isolation Valves.


“TCO serves the upstream oil and natural gas industry throughout the reservoir life cycle and specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of completion barrier plugs (laminated glass barrier plugs), chemical injection systems, and annulus pressure relief systems, as well as the provision of tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) equipment and services”
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