Euro Mechanical Acquires Safehouse Habitats Middle East LLC: A Game-Changer in Advanced Safety Technologies

Euro Mechanical has officially acquired Safehouse Habitats Middle East LLC, elevating its service offerings and setting a new industry standard in advanced safety solutions. The acquisition expands Euro Mechanical’s regional footprint and offers clients an integrated, technology-forward approach to safety in hazardous environments.

Steven Martin, Habitat Business Manager at Safehouse, is a key figure behind this strategic move. With over two decades of industry experience—nine years specialising in habitat solutions and 11 in the oil and gas sector—Steven’s leadership is instrumental in the acquisition. His expertise is expected to play a vital role in seamlessly integrating Safehouse’s engineered safety solutions into Euro Mechanical’s existing service offerings.

The Technical Edge: SAFEHOUSE Positive Pressure Welding Habitats

The acquisition introduces Euro Mechanical’s clients to Safehouse’s technologically advanced, pressurised welding habitats. These habitats are part of a ATEX-certified system, enabling hot work in environments classified as hazardous. Safehouse’s habitats employ two core properties for unmatched safety: containment and pressurisation. Modular, flameproof panels provide high-grade containment, eliminating the risk of sparks or slag escaping into the surrounding area. The habitats also maintain a controlled over-pressure, serving as a hydrocarbon barrier to prevent the entry of hazardous gases during hot work activities.

The modular construction of these habitats allows for custom installations that can navigate around obstacles such as structural beams and pipework. With a high rate of air change and adjustable air extraction, the habitats ensure optimal working conditions by effectively removing harmful fumes.

Client Benefits and Future Steps

With this strategic acquisition, Euro Mechanical’s clients can anticipate a host of benefits: enhanced efficiency, reduced administrative complexities, and more competitive tenders. “Full integration into our existing systems is well underway, with our teams diligently ensuring a seamless transition for all stakeholders,” states Steven Martin.

Euro Mechanical is planning an awareness presentation in September to further educate clients and partners on the added value and technical capabilities that come with this acquisition.


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